January 2020 Talk With Pam Gregory - 6th Nov
January 2020 Talk With Pam Gregory - 6th Nov

January 2020 Talk With Pam Gregory - 6th Nov

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January 2020 Talk with Pam Gregory - 6th November

Inspirations Positive Living Group are delighted and honoured to welcome Pam Gregory as our Guest Speaker for this evening. This is going to be Pam's last local public talk and we are so grateful it will be with us.

Atherley Bowling Club, Hill Lane, Southampton SO15 5DB 
Doors open at 7pm for 7.30pm Tickets £8 Members £10 Non Members All very welcome. Tickets available at www.inspirationsplg.co.uk from Tuesday 24/9/19  

“Pam Gregory has been involved with astrology for 45 years. In this, her last local talk, she will be talking about the very important upcoming Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January 2020. What does this mean for the world, and very importantly for us as individuals? Bring your birthcharts, as Pam will be explaining how to use this energy best, and also how to navigate the very different archetype of Uranus in Taurus. What do they mean taken in combination? This will be a wide-ranging talk, but always bringing it back to you and your life.
Astrology has been a passion for Pam Gregory for 45 years. Very early in her studies, she realised what an insightful tool it was, how it can pinpoint the special abilities that make you unique. The Next Step consultation will look back through your life to see how planetary cycles have manifested at key times, and what is likely to occur with repeating cycles going forward. Past cycles act as ‘seeding points’ for themes in our lives, but your past does not have to determine your future. What’s special about The Next Step is that it shows you not only how self-defeating patterns have developed, but how to break them. Clients often comment that it’s like having “a light shone on your soul”.

So whether you want to change your career, your life direction, or just want to know yourself a whole lot better, The Next Step can help you.
It’s hard to know a better way to understand your uniqueness, reveal your life’s patterns, and see what’s coming up with such depth and accuracy. The Next Step is a perfect tool for maximizing your potential, so you can live life to the full. Pam spends up to 20 hours preparing each chart before the consultation, so the session is extremely comprehensive. Having spent 35 years in business operating at the highest level, Pam is extremely well grounded in the real world and can give solid career direction.
Pam gives talks across the South of England, and is regularly interviewed on radio and on-line

“What an amazing, insightful session. I am still tingling all over from what you told me. It just fits exactly with my biggest dreams and what I feel I am here to do. It has confirmed everything in the most beautiful way and has given me that extra bit of confidence and self-belief to continue to make things happen in the biggest way possible. I’m excited. Truly excited. I feel at last I am on my path . . . . . it is the best feeling in the world.”

Venue Address: Atherley Bowling Club, Hill Lane, Southampton SO15 5DB