Lorraine Tricksey: How To Use Healing Crystals - 13th Nov
Lorraine Tricksey: How To Use Healing Crystals - 13th Nov

Lorraine Tricksey: How To Use Healing Crystals - 13th Nov

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Lorraine Tricksey: How To Use Healing Crystals - 13th November

Atherley Bowling Club, Hill Lane, Southampton SO15 5DB
Doors open at 7pm for a 7.30pm start £6M £7NM All Very Welcome
Wednesday November 13th 2019 Pay at the door.

We are delighted to welcome Lorraine Tricksey to Inspirations Positive Living Group I have heard about all her good work for a very long time :)

Lorraine has always had a passion for crystals and colour therapy, their interaction with the body and mind and their influences on the chakra system and auric field. They can be a great aid to any emotions you are going through and can enhance your everyday lives and homes. They can easily be incorporated into different therapies or even workplaces to balance out the energies with so many people working in close proximity of each other.
Lorraine intuitively uses crystals in her healing sessions as well as with her animals and plants and passes this knowledge to her students and in the talks she holds.

Lorraine plans to share some of her crystal knowledge and the healing benefits of crystals with you this evening and how to use them intuitively for yourself, your homes, animals and workplaces. She will be bringing an array of different crystals should you wish to purchase any at the end of the evening.

Lorraine is a Reiki Master/teacher, crystal healer/teacher, spiritual healer (DHWSA), animal healer/teacher, tarot and palm reader/teacher. She has spent many years holding a vast range of spiritual workshops to help others understand their own journeys and life’s lessons, as well as 1-2-1 sessions and holding weekly meditation/spiritual/personal development circles.

Together with her husband she founded The Healing Garden Centre an herbaceous nursery specialising in perennials and herbs. It was a place where they brought together their passion and lifetime experiences creating a healing and teaching centre, together with animals, plants and herbs.
Lorraine now concentrates solely on her spiritual work and is currently writing a book with her guide, to help others from her life’s encounters from the difficult times she has lived through and the lessons they have taught, together with the learnings she has gained from connecting with crystals, animals and plants in the beautiful grounds of the nursery. She often uses these teachings in her workshops today and enjoys holding full moon ceremonies and earth cycle healing days.

Facebook page: Lorraine Tricksey – Medium, Healer and Spiritual Teacher

Please invite any friends that may be interested.
Tickets can be purchased in advance at www.inspirationsplg.co.uk or pay at the door.

Venue Address: Atherley Bowling Club, Hill Lane, Southampton SO15 5DB