Peace Lies Within With Stella Tomlinson - 19th June
Peace Lies Within With Stella Tomlinson - 19th June

Peace Lies Within With Stella Tomlinson - 19th June

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Peace Lies Within: 6 steps to feel more positive, present & peaceful.

Do you wish you could feel more positive, present and peaceful?

Because all too often you feel stressed, pressured or overwhelmed.
Perhaps the inner peace you crave feels elusive because you’re at the mercy of the thoughts racing around your mind.

Stella Tomlinson knows how this feels! Since the year 2000 she's been on a journey to tame her mind and connect to inner peace.
Before and during this journey she experienced intense stress and anxiety, and low self-esteem and low-confidence.

But she discovered that there is another way of being. There is a place within that exists beyond the busy mind. A place of peace and calm and connection.

This place is your natural self: peaceful, strong, resilient and wise. It’s who you were before your busy mind took control. And it’s who you still are once you learn to tame your pesky mind and put it back in its place as the servant, not the master!

In this talk Stella will share some of the practices, insights and inspirations from her recently published book 'Peace Lies Within' based on her 19 years studying, practising - and for the past seven years, of teaching - yoga, meditation & mindfulness, as well as energy medicine and earth-based spirituality.

She'll share 6 keys to opening the door to finding a renewed sense of self-knowledge, greater compassion, inner peace and joy through soothing the stress response, making friends with your mind and emotions and tuning into the energy of your heart and soul to create meaningful connection.

Stella Tomlinson is a writer, Dru Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Energy Emotional Freedom Technique Master Practitioner, Priestess of the Goddess Brighid (in training) and author of the book 'Peace Lies Within: 108 ways to tame your mind and connect to inner peace'.

She guides sensitive, soulful people to connect to inner peace by living in rhythm with the flow of life through movement, rest, meditation, guided self-enquiry, ceremony and cycle and seasonal awareness in alignment with their needs as a high sensitive.

Stella has appeared on BBC Radio Solent and her writing has featured in Elephant Journal and OM Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine.

Find out more about Stella and her offerings at:
And find her on Instagram @stellasoulwisdom

Atherley Bowling Club, Hill Lane, Southampton SO15 5DB
Doors open at 7pm for a 7.30 start -9.30pm
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Venue Address: Atherley Bowling Club, Hill Lane, Southampton SO15 5DB

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