Renowned By Reputation Dan Clarke - Medium - 26th June
Renowned By Reputation Dan Clarke - Medium - 26th June

Renowned By Reputation Dan Clarke - Medium - 26th June

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Renowned By Reputation Dan Clarke - Medium

Inspirations Positive Living Group are delighted to welcome Dan Clarke Spiritual Medium back with us for this evening. Dan is not only a lovely gentleman but has a wonderful fun energy with him that even in these sensitive evenings you cannot help but enjoy the warmth and humour he brings with him.
I have been fortunate enough to receive a wonderful message through Dan from my Dad a few years ago and his accuracy was incredible.

From his earliest memories Dan has been a medium having being born with the gift he was one of the youngest mediums the world has ever known and at just 6 years old he was fully able to communicate with the spirit world and give messages on a very regular bases to family and friends Using his natural gift Dan has never needed to develop his gift as he is a very rare natural spiritual medium.

Dan was born and raised in Poole Dorset and his gift often troubled him until he started to master it. When he was young his school thought Dan had schizophrenia as he heard voices and saw spirits
until he gave the headmaster a message from his bother who had passed and he never bothered Dan again . That is just one of thousands of stories that Dan has of his experience.

Being so close to the spirit world was not rare in Dan's family as he comes from generations of natural psychic mediums . Dan prides himself on his mediumship and also being a normal working
man's son with a great gift but most importantly a great heart
Now known as one of the uk's most accurate and popular mediums
he's renowned for his unique style of mediumship which he fills people with laughter compassion and love His honest and sensitive gift has helped millions of people all over the world.

His only wish is to help people understand that there is no death and the soul goes on ! Dan has worked in many countries over the world and regularly tours the UK People say “ there isn't a town where Dan's not known " Having worked through word of mouth only
Dan was a full time medium at just 19 years old and dedicated his life to the helping of others.

From private readings at Dan's centre in Poole Dorset , or a visit when Dan comes to your home for
group sessions or private readings private events ,churches theatres anywhere in the UK and
abroad, what ever you need Dan is here to help you to bring the two worlds together as only he can .
Dan also does hundreds of shows for charity where he gives his time freely.
His reputation as one of the honest and genuine mediums in the UK precedes him Seek and you will find, come and you will see a true gift from a true genuine heart .
Dan Clarke Spiritual Medium & Clairvoyant, Public demonstrations of mediumship,Spiritual and clairvoyant readings, All t.v & media,
Spiritual teacher and psychic developer,Spiritual healing psychic surgeon.
ROMSEY GOLF CLUB Romsey Rd, Southampton SO16 0XA
Doors open at 18.45 for a 19.30 start.
£10 in Advance at
Advisable to book in advance to be sure of getting a ticket.
£12 at the door.

Venue Address: ROMSEY GOLF CLUB Romsey Rd, Southampton SO16 0XA

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